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Scar Rejuvenation Kit

Scar Rejuvenation Kit

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Too often we have a caesarean section and are left wondering what we do with this amazing scar. Your scar needs as much TLC as any other part of your body.

When we undergo a csection 7 layers of our body are cut; skin, fascia, organ, fat and protective layers. We need these layers to become smooth and glide easily on one another.

Scars make that gliding almost impossible, causing thick scar adhesions and thickening to accumulate.

This scar kit is designed to help soften, nourish and reduce the appearance.

We've worked closely with specialists to create the ultimate kit!

Included: - 2x Medical Grade Silicone Scar Strips - 1x Silicone Medicial Grade Silicone Cream - 1x 50mls Natural 'Nourish' Scar Oil - 1x Cscraper - 1x Micropore Adhesive Tape - 1x Instruction Card

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