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Seasons of Mama

Mini Oracle Cards

Mini Oracle Cards

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Introducing Seasons of Mama Mini Oracle Cards.

From this sweet set you can expect 55 oracle cards to help bring you an abundance of love, energy and guidance towards your soul purpose.

So how do you use these little honeys? Maybe you have a question which you need some help to answer? Or perhaps some clarity around a situation? Using your intuition and help from your spirit guides, you would pull a card that you feel drawn to. Turn it over and just feel into whatever comes up for you. Maybe your word for the day hits you right in the heart centre or your inner knowing. Or perhaps it requires some quiet contemplation and reflection to uncover the deeper meaning within! If you draw a blank card let a word come to your mind freely, without judgement. Journal on this for a moment if you wish or simply thank the Universe/Source/Higher Power/God/Spirit (whoever you feel called to) for sending you the right message at the right time.

Held always, Jen 

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