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NEW Daisy Sprinkle 2-In-1 Waterproof Fitted Sheet - Bassinet

NEW Daisy Sprinkle 2-In-1 Waterproof Fitted Sheet - Bassinet

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Meet a new era of safe sleep and practicality for your baby. You don't have time to buy or wash two sheets when it comes to your baby's bedding. So we've bonded non-toxic waterproof polyurethane material with highly absorbant organic cotton flannel, to create the 2-in-1 Waterproof Fitted Sheet. It protects your mattress and provides a luxuriously soft and safe surface for baby to sleep on, at the same time.

Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and elastane, the sheet will stretch to provide a firm fit over your mattress. We've given the sheet an added safety strap on the underside to help hold the sheet in place. This added safety feature means your baby cannot pull the mattress off the bed and over their face, giving parents peace of mind for safe sleep. The firm and thick elastic edges help hold the sheet firmly against the mattress, and prevent bunching. The waterproof backing will prevent any accidents and spills from leaking into your mattress, and is noise-free, giving you a more peaceful sleep. The waterproof backing can also help to prevent CO2 rebreathing for a healthier and safer sleep.

And when you do have the ineveitable accident? Simply pop the sheet in the washing machine to clean. Simple, practical and effective all wrapped up in the ergoPouch style and luxury our customers trust and love.

Available in three sizes to support your baby as they grow; bassinet/cradle, bedside sleeper and cot/crib size. Please note as Bedside Sleeper mattresses are not standardised in Australia, we have designed this size to fit most bedside sleepers. You may find the sheet to be slightly big or small on your mattress - please test it before washing.

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